AUCTION RUNNING June 27 – July 1, 2022


We are gearing up for our primary 2022 fundraiser – our 50/50 auction. Anyone is allowed to submit rabbits on consignment for this auction, location of the rabbit MUST be clearly marked so that bidders don’t bid on animals they can’t later obtain. If you choose to submit rabbits for auction, 50% of the proceeds will come back to you, and 50% will go to GSFRB for organizing, hosting, etc. GSFRB will collect the winning bids via PayPal and distribute the earnings to sellers accordingly.

If you would like to submit a rabbit to the auction, please include the following information in an email to with “GSFRB Consignment” in the subject line. ONE RABBIT SUBMISSION PER EMAIL. In the body of the email please include the following information:
– Rabbit’s Location (City, State OR Zipcode) AND any potential upcoming transport opportunities (if possible)
– Breed, Sex, Variety, Ear Number
– Pedigreed? (Y/N): with Name & Ear # of Sire & Dam (if known)
– Class, Date of Birth**
– Starting Bid
– At least 1 posed side profile photo
[additional top, rear, & fur photos are recommended if possible]
Any other information including proven (Y/N), show accolades/wins/legs, strengths, weaknesses, etc.
GSFRB will handle listing your animal, pending you provide all of the necessary information. Please also include a valid Paypal email address in the body of your email if it differs from the email you are sending the information from; if you don’t include a valid PayPal email, we won’t be able to pay you! Auctions will accept animals on consignment until June 25, 2022.
Rabbits with malocclusion or split penis should not be listed for sale, all rabbits listed/sold should be in good health – any/all DQs should be noted in the ad. GSFRB is not responsible for any misrepresentation or misunderstanding between seller and buyer. It is the seller’s responsibility to accurately and truthfully represent their animals. Sellers who cause issues or misrepresent their animals may be banned from future auctions & GSFRB, subject to discretion of the BOD.


Bidding opens June 27, 2022 at 08:00 EST, and will close July 1, 2022 at 22:00 EST. The highest bidder at closing is the winner. Payment must be sent to GSFRB Paypal via FRIENDS & FAMILY no later than 24 hours after the auction closes. If payment is NOT sent within 24 hours, the highest bidder forfeits their winning bid and the rabbit will go to the second highest bidder, pending payment.

If you are placing a bid, you MUST include a valid email address so that we have a way to contact you should you win. If you do not include a method of contact, your bid will not be valid and will be removed. Your email will receive updates if you have been outbid, and if you win the auction. Minimum bid increments are $5.

You, the bidder, are responsible for all transport of rabbits, including obtaining any pedigrees or other information from the seller. Please make arrangements as necessary. It is the responsibility of the seller and the buyer to work out final details. Please do NOT bid on animals that you have no reasonable or predetermined way of acquiring.