As I’m sure most of you will notice, our GSFRB specialty shows now have a new show secretary, it’s ME! I’m going to be walking you through this process step by step to ensure you get your entries in to me correctly & on time.

The GSFRB Fall 2020 specialty is being held Saturday, November 21, 2020 at the GA National Fairgrounds in Perry, GA at the conclusion of the Decatur RBA triple show. Just a reminder that entries for the triple show are due 11/14/20 by 10pm EST!! There will be NO DAY OF SHOW ENTRIES FOR THE TRIPLE!

Step 1: Figure out which animals you want to enter. Some folks only have 1 or 2 rabbits to show, where others have substantially more. The first step is figuring out which rabbits you want to show (make sure they meet the SOP, etc. – a good reference file on deciding who to show is HERE).

Step 2: Make sure ear numbers on your rabbits match who you’re planning on showing, and then begin the entry process. Here is a link to an entry form that is acceptable for use for most shows. Make sure to fill in ALL of your information, including address, email (VERY IMPORTANT), and phone number. Then, begin filling in the information for your rabbits. Since this is an entry for our Silver Fox specialty, only SF can be shown. Under the columns for Open/Youth/Fur, you want to select the check boxes for ‘Open A’ (our specialty is a single show [A], and we have only sanctioned Open as we don’t have many youth members) for each rabbit you are entering. Additionally, if you’d like your rabbits to be judged on their breed specific fur qualities, you may also check boxes for ‘Fur,’ as we do run fur judging at the end of the show for the ‘Best Fur’ award.

Step 3: Once your entry form is filled out completely & correctly, please email it to with ‘2020 Fall Specialty Entries – #YOUR NAME#‘ in the subject line. The entry deadline for this show is Tuesday, November 17, 2020 by 10pm EST to receive the pre-entry discount fee of $5/rabbit plus $2/rabbit for the fur judging. After the deadline, the fee bumps up to $6 per rabbit, with fur remaining at $2. We WILL BE accepting day of show entries, however would prefer all pre-entries to streamline the process.

Step 4: Once your entries have been received & entered into the show software, you will be emailed check-in sheets (look for these by Thursday, 11/19. When you receive your check-in sheets, PLEASE CONFIRM THEM FOR ACCURACY & CORRECTNESS! Any errors on the check-in sheets CANNOT be changed during the show, and must be changed beforehand OR risk a disqualification for incorrect ear number/variety/gender/etc. on the table. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK YOUR CHECK-IN SHEETS!!!!

Step 5: Once you have confirmed your check-in sheets for correctness, you can pay your entry fees! We are offering two methods of payment, via our club PayPal, OR in person the morning of the show via check or cash. If you’d like to pay in person the day of the show, please bring a check or cash for the payment amount listed on your check-in sheet. If you’d like to pay vial club PayPal, please do the following:
Send a PayPal submittal via ‘Friends & Family’ to for the amount listed on your check-in sheets. Please make sure to include ‘#YOUR NAME# – Entry Fees‘ in the notes section so we can confirm who is paying for what. We will send you a confirmation email once we have received your electronic payment.

Step 6: Once you know the fee amount, you are ready for the show. The Decatur RBA triple show (Southeast Classic Triple) will begin promptly at 8am, sharp, please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the show to allow time for check-in, setup, potty breaks, etc. before the show starts. Silver Fox typically have a large turnout at this show and usually get put on the table first/early on for each show (A,B,C).

It will likely be a LONG day of showing, as it is a triple plus our specialty (4 shows in one day!!!), so bring whatever you will need to stay comfortable (chair, snacks, etc.). Please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of your officers or directors for help or assistance wherever you may need it. We are here to help everyone!

Hope to see y’all there!
~Hannah Yost
GSFRB President