You are bidding on a BREEDING at the Perry show on November 16th with:

GC Carrot Garden’s Astro Man (Rabbit Not For Sale)

If you are looking to increase the size of your herd, you are going to love Astro babies! He is proven and has also been great for test breeding does for dilute and white (or anything funky on the C-locus). He was 2nd of 13 senior bucks at the 2019 Silver Fox Nationals!

Ear No: C6
DOB: 2/11/2018

Genotype: aa B_ Cc Dd E_ si

Sire: Carrot Garden’s Lone Star
Dam: GC Waltz’s Sweet Lady Bug

Titles: BOB/BOV x4, BOS/BOSV x2
Places: 1st x12
Legs: 10

10/06/2018 WGRC Carrollton GA – 1st of 3 x2
10/13/2018 GSRCA Perry GA – BOB/BOV x2, 1st of 4 x2
11/10/2018 CARE Anniston AL – BOB/BOV, 1st of 5
02/16/2019 GSRCA Perry GA – 1st of 5
03/02/2019 NWGCRC Dalton GA – BOB/BOV, 1st of 10
03/24/2019 NCRBA Greensboro NC – 1st of 6
04/13/2019 SF National Hutchinson KS – 2nd of 13
08/31/2019 MCRBA Murfreesboro TN – BOS/BOSV, 1st of 5
09/28/2019 SWVRA Dublin VA – BOS/BOSV, 1st of 6 x3

Best Traits:

  • Good depth
  • Silvering even and bright
  • Fur has good texture and stand up quality
  • Fast growth and large size
  • Curious and very sweet personality
  • Seems to be heat hardy and never loses his appetite

Worse Traits:

  • Fur is at 1 inch, so could be longer and thicker
  • Slightly narrow
  • Slightly undercut
  • Tends to go over maximum weight